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Private Lessons


Public classes can often be intimidating. Private sessions in the comfort of your own home offer a safe environment in which to practice.


If you are new to yoga we can explore the basic poses and breathing techniques at your own pace, enabling you to listen to your body which is essential in maintaining a safe, healthy, beneficial practice.


If you are a seasoned yogi, it can be a great way to improve and expand your practice by focusing on specific poses or pose groups and going deeper into the other layers of yoga, such as breathwork and meditation.


If you are injured, we can develop a customized practice incorporating therapeutic techniques specific to your own needs.


                           for rates, packages, and availability or                a virtual, Zoom private!


"Steve is a very unique and impressive teacher. His expert knowledge of anatomy, balance, and the underlying spirituality of the yogic experience are unique to my journey as a Yogi. As my private instructor, he is an authoritative yet highly gentle practitioner: a deeply caring individual who seeks to truly evolve my consiousness through the physical and spiritual levels of yoga. He is organized, thoughtful, and fully prepared to address the specific goals and growth of his students."  

~ Wayne, Highland Park



"I am grateful and fortunate to have had Steve Jones as a private yoga instructor for the past three years. Besides being an expert in his field, he has great patience, which is certainly required when teaching yoga to a man in his 70's. He has superb communication skills and is a wonderful instructor. A yoga session with Steve was something I eagerly looked forward to twice a week. Not only did he make yoga easy for me, he made it fun. But most importantly, yoga, thanks to Steve, I believe made me a better person. So, I thank Steve Jones for his commitment to his practice and also for his commitment to those to whom he imparts his knowledge."

~ Richard, Marina del Rey


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